On the Road, Up in the Air

Evening ferry ride in Vancouver. Beautiful city.

We just wrapped a video shoot in Vancouver this afternoon, the first of four still shoots and two video shoots that I'm continuing work on in Toronto, Paris, and London over the next few weeks. 

First of all, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. The skyline is all blue glass buildings and bridges with stunning views of green mountains and crystal clear water. 

So far it has been a blast. I had the honor and privilege of working with my cousin Eric's crew here. These guys have been shooting his TV show Supernatural for the last 6 seasons, all of which is filmed in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

I was talking with them about what it's like to work on the show, and it sounds absolutely insane -- 9 months straight of 14 hour days, then 3 months off (May-July). Their location crew for the show is over 100 people. They have 1200 feet of truck that they need to park on the street every day. Moving from one spot to another takes 2 hours. Which is amazingly fast given the amount of gear involved. It makes the biggest still shoot sound like Romper Room.

Anyway, these guys worked together like a well oiled machine. Everyone was super pro, and had their stuff totally dialed -- which made directing really fun. I hope to do it again sometime. 

I'm bummed we didn't do a proper crew picture of everyone -- I hope to get one in Paris. Here's a pic of me (R) with 1st AC Matt Tichenor (L), and living legend / location manager Russ "MOVIEGOD" Hamilton:

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