Game On

I've been so busy since the ad shoot in Vancouver that I haven't had the time to write about the rest of the trip that took us on to Toronto, Paris, and London, then back to SF for color correction on the video, which is a something I'd like to expand on as well.

It was sooooo nice to come home to my girls and to enjoy a little slice of summer. I love shooting big jobs. But I really, really love the few days after wrapping a big job. After many years of doing this, I've realized that this is one place where I find true happiness.

Tomorrow I'm off to Italy, France and Spain for a top secret video / stills project that is going to be insanely fun, challenging, and interesting. I'll be sharing more when I can.

Backing up to the end of May, we wrapped in London, and my friend Ted was able to hook me with tickets to Fulham vs. Arsenal, at Fulham's home field, Craven Cottage -- a tiny, ancient stadium on the Thames.

It was one of the best sporting events I've ever been to, for too many reasons to list.


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