Available 3/1/18: Studio space to share in a 100 year old storefront in downtown Boulder. Currently the space is being used by two of us:

Jamie Kripke (that's me) - Photographer / Director / Artist:  http://jamiekripke.com
Evan Fry - Freelance advertising creative: http://evanfry.com

We are looking for two more creatives to join us. Here is some more info about the space, and what to expect:

It's old. It's probably haunted. For many years it was the neighborhood grocery store that brought people together. Currently it's a creative space that brings people together. 

The studio is on the SE corner of 23rd and Pine. It's a large, open plan, around 1000 square feet. There is a small sink, a small fridge, and a small bathroom. There is a common area with a few sofas. I use the space to show my artwork, which is rotated regularly. The interior is all original 1920's and all wood: the floors, the walls, even the ceiling. 

Both Evan and I travel a fair amount for work, and sometimes work from home, so we are not there every day. When we are, it is usually working quietly, while music plays via wifi over the studio sound system. Sometimes we have meetings with clients. Sometimes people meet us there for lunch rides. For the few phone / conference / face time calls we do, we typically use headphones, or if it's nice, go outside and get some sun. 

The rent is $750/mo. Which gets you a solid wood 30" x 60" two drawer desk (set up for sitting or standing, your call), a small filing cabinet, wifi, a printer with paper and ink, pour over coffee fixings, some nice whisky and beer, all day street parking, and a workspace that is unlike anything else in town. The lease is 90 day to 90 day, with 60 days advance notice for termination. 

So, if you're looking to share a space with other creatives, occasionally meet with clients, walk to East Pearl for lunch, and you travel for work periodically, don't talk on the phone much, and really just need a desk and a quiet place to be productive (that's not your home or a coffee shop), and want to work in a unique, historic, inspriational space with other professionals that are also making a living as makers, please take a minute to send over your info using the form below.

Or, feel free to email or call with any questions.


415 215 9044

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