I'm back at it, after an incredible hiatus in the mountains. I'm feeling rested, relaxed, and creatively recharged after going off the grid for July. But my month-long mountain mission was far from idle. I took advantage of my wide open schedule to read books, attend lectures, watch obscure films, look at art, talk with other artists, and even make some pictures.

As part of the Anderson Ranch workshop I attended, which was taught by Dirk Westphal and Tom Sachs, we took a morning to shoot at Maroon Bells. It's a beautiful but very touristy place that has been photographed a bazillion times. I set out to make a picture of The Bells that hadn't been done before (image above.)

It wasn't hard. It was actually fun. It was also a reminder of the potency of creativity, experience, and vision.

Jamie KripkeComment