Paris Photo

I nearly made it to Paris for work last week. Almost as exciting as the prospect of shooting in Paris on an expense account was the fact that our scheduled wrap day was the first day of Paris Photo, which was from 11/13-11/16.

Paris Photo is arguably the best photo fair in the world. 169 Galleries, Art book publishers/dealers, exhibitions, lectures -- revolving around both classical and modern fine art photography -- pretty much photo nerd heaven. I attended (the 2nd annual) Paris Photo LA last spring, which takes place on the Paramount Studios backlot, and loved it.

Unfortunately Paris was dropped from our list of shoot locations and replaced with Sunnyvale, CA. Boo.

BUT. I found a virtual tour of Paris Photo which takes place in the insanely beautiful Grand Palais. I usually avoid these virtual tour things, but this one is actually pretty awesome. Click on the map in the top left, and anything pink is available to view. It's well worth a few minutes to wander through the fair.

Jamie KripkeComment