Expanding the Fall Palette

This fall has been unreal. The colors on the trees are glowing, and near constant 65-70 degree days have kept the full spectrum of foliage thriving for what seems like months.  Furthermore, we haven't had much wind to bring the leaves to the ground. I used to think that spring was my favorite season.

Mapleton Avenue is known in Boulder for its large, mature trees, so I spent the last few days photographing up and down both sides.  It's also the street on which I live, and how I walk my girls to and from school each day.

We're used to seeing reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. I wanted to know what other colors could be derived from this standard fall palette, in order to expand and extend that palette. By blurring the original image, and finding the average color value for the middle third of the image, I could the determine the complementary, triadic, and analogous colors for each tree.

Which color ended up over each tree was a matter of personal preference.

Jamie KripkeComment