Old Photos from the Tour de France

I just finished reading Slaying the Badger, about Bernard Hinault, Greg Lemond, and the 1986 Tour De France.  Throughout the book, I'd search for images and videos of the various characters, and was completely fascinated by this bygone era of rag-tag racing. The old cycling photos seem to be charged with emotion and a rawness that is lost in much of today's sports images.  Maybe it's because they are riding without helmets on bikes that would be considered sketchy by today's standards? Or because they were shot on film, aged for 40 years, scanned 15 times, then put online? Either way, here are some images that I loved. 

And here is an insane video of Hinault, aka "The Badger", sailing straight off a cliff into space, sans helmet.  Needless to say, he gets back on his bike and finishes the stage.


Jamie KripkeComment