The Road

New Year. New Site. New Book. New Promos. Organized my studio. Killed the Pile. Tightened up my books. Paid my taxes. Got my teeth cleaned, and even sprung for X-Rays. Everything is feeling new, clean, organized, and ready to rock in 2012. 

2011 was a growth year for me. Creatively, I found myself thrown into new areas that were uncomfortably challenging, and forced me to think differently. Financially, it was about twice as good as 2010. I am excited and optimistic about the coming year -- I already have a bunch of fun projects for new clients in the works. The clients that I worked with last year are doing well, and looking to do more.

It's time to take all this new work and crazy optimism and hit the road. I'll be in Chicago later this month for meetings. New York in February for meetings. Minneapolis in March for, yes, more meetings.

Next on the list is to block off time to focus on personal projects. I've never been good at this. But this year will be different. I'll continue the Freemasonry project this winter in Utah, then shooting alpine landscapes in Switzerland in spring.

Furthermore, I'm really hoping to make it to Iceland this summer for a daddy - daughter trip with my 5 year old. At this point in her life, her creativity is so pure and unfiltered, that I want her to experience it as fully as possible, before it's influenced and diluted by her increasingly complex life. I want to create a visual time capsule. It will be a collaboration, where I empower her creativity, and she shows me what pure, unfiltered creativity is really like.

So here's to 2012. To staying positive. To moving forward. To progression. To clean teeth. And to [pure, unfiltered] creativity.


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