The Ride on Washington

5 days, 500 miles.

On March 15th, i will join a group of dedicated bicycle advocates as they ride from Boston to Washington DC. We'll be stopping along the way in Hartford, NYC, and Baltimore. The ride was created last year by professional cyclist Tim Johnson as a way for him to give back to the cycling community.

Our big, hairy, audacious goal for the trip is to convince the Federal government to commit as many dollars as possible to the creation of a bigger, better, safer future for bikes and the people that ride them.

Our photographic goal for the trip is to create a story that will inspire people to get back on their bikes. I'll be shooting as much of the trip as I can from my bike, while trying to hang with a group of 25+ extremely fit professional and non-professional cyclists. At least I have an extremely comfy Moots on which to suffer:

Jamie KripkeComment