The Brain Dump

I used to carry a journal with me at all times to jot ideas down as they came to me. Last summer I started emailing them to myself instead. I call these emails "brain dumps," since the idea is to record them while freeing up some space in my head. For some reason, these ideas tend to come to me while I am riding a bike.

I've compiled a complete list of all Brain Dumps from 7/16/10 through today. Some relate to personal work, while others relate to jobs or ideas for posts. All are loose and brief, but enough to help me remember.

So here is an unedited look into my head, in chronological order from new to old:

Wilderness & Manmade luxury
MMW impossible
more ideas for chipotle?
tough mudder photo project.
Get someone to video us
Pink kits
Velvet Fog: Tough Mudder
Free framed print for anyone that joins
Custom Book coated in mud
Marlowe to shoot lead up to race, then run race and provide commentary.
Okeeffe paint box
Painted inside Model a 
Portrait by Karsh
City at night
Chipotle exteriors with Steve ells in every shot. Where's Waldo.
Deformed snowflakes
Xmas trees
Mountain landscapes with cg cars and buildings, ranch homes, pools, suburban things
c13 naturalist posters
mirrors in landscapes with type
floating type that is really there
projection at night
empty billboards
Ornate picture frame
One way mirror
In frame
Dutch masters
Secondary background
espn photo ideas:
first timers
set up self portrait for them to shoot, beautifully lit
use mirror to show me, dressed well / doing something, small in background.
Or appearing in painting on wall / photo propped on desk / 
Multiple angles / formats
360 spin full head portrait on lazy susan. 2 lights. nicely lit.
paint them green
make them glow
Xmas trees where do they go
Nameless store
Monthly editions
Books magazines
Bike frames
Hunter gatherer
Albumen prints 
AI-ap party, what were you doing that night.
Westminster mall, death of retail spaces 
Roller skates , skateboards, wagons
Audio of busy mall
Film with Zach
Concept: emptiness / desolation
Music: 2000 light years, stones
Painted out graffitti
Removed tattoos
Bad remodels
Baldessari dart 24 hours
dart - map = movie
elks club shelter - fall + winter
ocean view / curtain
moto ice racing
ice sailing
Ipads as newspapers
Homeless guy
Kitty litter
Paperboy throwing
Recycling bin stack
Beers with church
Hot dogs with gym
Flowers with dump
Time lapse slo mo
Doors clouds
Upside down underwater viola
it's not about great ideas
it's about making great ideas happen
Quiznos pro challenge
B cycle Humana 
gorillas in the room
kurzweil - next 100 years = 20,000 years of technology
flip cam
green garage
united breaks guitars
radical transparency
emotional intelligence - book by daniel ?
caremob / carrotmob
the power before goes to work for the power that exists
Plan b
Pawn shop
Idea pawn shop
Check presenter
Pimp my cube
Randomized slot machine
Idea generator
Idea sharer
Music tweaker
Image tweaker
Music and image randimizer
Kickstart Freemasons
Chronicle letter
Peerless stop motion and still
Fearless cottage
Visual consultant
Singlefin yellow photo version (Polaroid or beer can or something cool and quirky) goes on site
Website with work and salary, semi union
Blog post - brain dump
Blog post - goals
To judge CA
VW thing as grip car
Get sales on wall for dillon
Know operating costs vs sales
Chocolate and love notes to AD's
Blog post AD's we love
Commercial work we love

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