More than Pictures

There's a great piece on the New Yorker Website where some of their contributing photographers talk about their experience working with photo editor Elisabeth Biondi, who is leaving after fifteen years.

I love hearing other photographers talk about process. Every image represents some sort of journey -- from visualizing the finished picture to taking each small step in putting it together, and finally bringing it to reality. For me, every shoot is an opportunity for unexpected experiences, as well as creative and personal growth, whether it's halfway around the world, or halfway around the block.

I especially liked Robert Polidori's words on making this image for the New Yorker:

"while framing it, I remember experiencing an intense sense of déja-vu, a feeling that I had actually seen this place before...for the first time in my life I felt that I “made” a picture rather than simply having “received” it."


Jamie KripkeComment