ESPN // The Dillon Brothers

Ty (L, age 19) and Austin Dillon (age 20) at Richard Childress Racing in Welcome, NC.

The most recent installment for ESPN Magazine, as part of the ongoing NEXT series, a portrait shoot with rising NASCAR stars Austin and Ty Dillon.

We shot at the Richard Childress Racing shop in Welcome, NC, a sprawling compound dedicated to building really fast cars. They also have an amazing museum that I could have spent more time checking out.

These guys are racing NASCAR, and they can't legally drink. Love it.

While changing backgrounds I dropped the crossbar on the (brand new) red toolbox on the right, putting a small scuff on the top. Race mechanics buy their own tools, and you could say the owner was not happy. He told me he'd "choked people out for lesser things."

Thank you for not choking me out, sir. I'm sorry that I scuffed your new toolbox.


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