24 Hours of Lemons

I spent last Saturday photographing the 24 Hours of Lemons, an endurance race for cars that cost less than $500 and self proclaimed "breeding ground for morons, where a Pinto and a Maserati battle to lap a Le Car." It's a hilarious mix of NASCAR, MacGyver, Burning Man, and The Salvation Army.

In the spirit of the event, I assembled a lighting rig that I could wear on my back in order to be self sufficient and flexible. I knew I'd need plenty of fill light to both overpower the sun, and to brighten up the dark recesses of the pit areas. I was told by more than one person that my FrankenStrobe creation was very "Lemony."

It was the most fun I've had shooting in a long time. I was totally inspired by the creativity of the racers, and especially by the ingenuity of the mechanics, who definitely had their work cut out for them. I'd love to race next year, and am thinking about putting together a team of creatives (and one solid mechanic) that could turn this into a great project.


Jamie KripkeComment