Following Dreams

We just wrapped a video shoot with TDA Boulder for 1stBank that was one of the more rewarding jobs I've ever done. The idea behind the campaign was to talk with older people (age 75 and up) about following their dreams.  We also talked with them about success, failure, hardship, regrets, and many other topics that, having lived full lives, they know more about than us kids. 

Our subjects included jazz drummer Eugene O. Bass (84), social worker Libby Bortz (79), and entrepreneur George "Lucky" Highfill (79).

The conversations were very casual, but based loosely around a set of questions that we had prepared based on a casting interview, and several discussions with the creative team. Some questions took a long time to answer, and never really got anywhere.  Other questions took surprising detours and led us to some really authentic, endearing moments.

What I love most about this project is the purity of the idea, and the simplicity of the execution. It's engaging, relevant, and most of all, doesn't feel "commercial" in the way you'd expect it to feel, coming from a bank.  Many thanks to our editor/interviewer Buck Ross, the team at TDA, and 1stBank for making this project possible. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this one.


Jamie KripkeComment