Studio Assistant Needed

Hi, and thanks for coming here.

If you haven't already, take a look at this site. Read a few of the journal posts. Click on some links in my profile. Watch a few videos. Check out my fine art work at JK Editions. If what I'm doing resonates with you, and if you're still interested, please keep reading.

About me: I have been a photographer since I was 15. I'm now 47, and have been a full time professional since around 2004. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife, our two girls (ages 11 and 9) and a goofball Huskydoodle named Darwin. Before Boulder, I lived in San Francisco for 10 years. Before SF, I lived in Ketchum Idaho for 5 years. Before that I lived in mostly in my truck. I have the best agent in the business, and am fortunate to make a living entirely from photography. Currently I don’t have a studio. But I’m going to be building one in the Spring. Which is a longer story.

It has taken me over 30 years to get to this point in my career. I have burned thousands of rolls of film and countless (millions?) digital frames. I graduated with a degree in philosophy, and after that I spent time in art school. I've worked construction and roofing, and tended bar and waited tables. I've assisted and interned for a bunch of other photographers all over the country. There is no manual on how to do this. Most of this business I've pieced together from others more experienced than me, or just figured out on my own. A mix of stubbornness, ignorance, and faith has helped.

Since I've been full time, I have worked mostly by myself. For larger commercial projects, I hire pros to help me, and I trust them to do their thing. I have hosted numerous interns in my Boulder studio over the years, and enjoy teaching, but they were almost exclusively fine art students that were getting course credits for the semester. 

Now I'm looking for someone that can stay around for a while, to help push this growing, multi-faceted business forward. Ideally, this someone brings some previous experience to the studio, and is comfortable sharing, tweaking, and implementing new ideas. Here are some things you can reasonably expect to do/learn/help with:

- Assist on shoots for advertising, editorial, fine art, and personal work, in CO and elsewhere.
- Travel with me to these shoots (when budgets permit.)
- Working and lighting on location and in studio, with both stills and motion. 
- Marketing and working with an agent.
- Assisting with pre and post-production.
- Content management and workflow, website maintenance.
- Estimating and invoicing jobs. (Btw, I am totally transparent about money and will share everything related to work, including how much I make on any job.)
- Schedule and implement social media.
- Production, archiving, sales, delivery, and installation of limited edition fine art prints.
- Plan and produce events and art openings.
- Tracking and reporting of social / marketing efforts.
- General design work in both digital and print formats.
- Access to camera and lighting gear for personal use.
- Drink coffee, ride bikes. Maybe ski.
- Talk about, think about, and make art.

The term is a 3 month trial period to start.
The hours will be 8-10/week to start, and pretty flexible. Some weeks may offer more hours.
Pay is $10-$15/hr, depending upon experience*

*This is not a cushy job. It's more suited for someone that is young and flexible, with previous experience, and more interested in building skills than making money. It could be a launch pad to New York or California to pursue work in a bigger market. It could also be a sane alternative to going to photo school. You'll likely need a second job to make ends meet here in Boulder (see previous note on roofing / waiting tables), but you won't finish two years with massive debt.

In return for your commitment, I'll teach you everything I know about photography. And maybe some other stuff too.

Thanks for reading. If this all sounds good to you, please fill out the form below. 


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