Art is unique in its ability to keep giving in new ways. A well placed print in a home or office accompanies us daily as we move through life, its meaning changing as we change, offering endless moments of inspiration, escape, reflection, or laughter.

When printed, framed and displayed properly, original artwork can be enjoyed for many generations. These are limited edition, museum quality pieces that are hand built with the best materials available, so that they’ll be around for as long as possible. To ensure their longevity, the images here are only available as framed, wall-ready pieces.

I have been a photographer for most of my life, and will continue to be a photographer for as long as I'm able to look through a camera. I'm going to be making a lot more pictures. If you'd like to hear from me periodically regarding my newest pieces, projects, and works in progress, please take a moment to join my list, and I'll stay in touch.



Alps // 40

Landscapes from a backcountry ski tour across the Swiss and Italian Alps. Prints ranging in size from 20" x 24" up to 32" x 80" and beyond, available in a limited edition of 5.  


Hunting & Gathering

A selection of images from photographic wanderings in various places around the globe. Limited edition prints in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.


The Distance Between Two Points Is

Black and white landscapes from a less traveled path between Kansas City and Chicago.  The complete project is available in an edition of 3, and individual 11" x 14" prints are available in an edition of 20.  20% of each sale goes to PeopleForBikes.